Transforming Culture Workstream

The Transforming Culture workstream is designed to support individuals and organisations that are interested to learn ways of making workplaces more attractive to women and encourage diversity.

It comprises three core parts, which is a collaboration between Dr Skye Charry from SAC Consulting, Affectus and WISA.

This includes:

  • An Action Research Program involving several hundred participants to understand, discuss and develop plans for overcoming gender bias, cultural and structural barriers, including recommendations and actions reporting.
  • Delivery of a Transforming Culture Training program for workplaces as well as ‘train the trainer’ development for individual women
  • Development of a Transforming Culture Seafood Industry Policy to guide industry and the sector nationally in approaches, methodologies and outcomes for improved workplace diversity, inclusion and wellbeing.

The Turn the Tide team are now seeking expressions of interest from organisations and individuals to participate.

We are looking for two organisations in each location to:

  • Work in partnership with Turn the Tide to have the best workplace culture possible
  • Identify aspects of your workplace culture that are good for inclusion and those that need some adjustment 
  • Through focus groups and individual interviews, with all levels, with all genders
  • Write a bespoke report for the organisation
  • We will report back to management with recommendations
  • We will report back in person with all participants and hold a workshop to develop an action plan
  • We will check in with you to see how you are going

We are looking to hear from individuals in each location to:

  • Participate in a confidential interview with Dr Skye Charry
  • The interview will be online (and where possible in person)
  • It will be approximately 30 mins
  • Your interview will form part of an industry-wide report and will inform recommendations
  • Interviews will be kept completely confidential all of your information will remain anonymous. While we will use your interview for the purposes of analysis and reporting, you won’t be individually identifiable. While we may use a comment from you as a quote, it won’t be directly attributable to you.