About Turn the Tide

Women in Seafood Australasia aims to Turn the Tide for all women working in and with the Australian seafood industry.

Alongside carefully selected expert partners, WISA’s Turn the Tide program will deliver a series of workshops, courses, networking events and other initiatives over three years from 2023. These are organised in several targeted workstreams.

Breaking Barriers is designed to provide women within the Australian seafood industry development and growth opportunities at a personal level, tailored to the individual needs, career paths and ambition of participants. It comprises three main programs which will be delivered annually

  • an annual guided and facilitated Mentor Program to support personal development and career progression
  • the provision of several National Seafood Industry Leadership Program (NSLIP) Bursaries
  • a six-month Entrepreneurship and Leadership Program to build skills, capabilities and action plans for a specific concept or idea.

Transforming Culture supports individuals and organisations that are interested to learn ways of making workplaces more attractive to women and encourage diversity. This includes:

  • An Action Research Program involving several hundred participants to understand, discuss and develop plans for overcoming gender bias, cultural and structural barriers, including recommendations and actions reporting.
  • Delivery of a Transforming Culture Training program for workplaces as well as ‘train the trainer’ development for individual women
  • Development of a Transforming Culture Seafood Industry Policy to guide industry and the sector nationally in approaches, methodologies and outcomes for improved workplace diversity, inclusion and wellbeing.

Building Resilience delivers a series of events, workshops, round tables, networking and collaboration opportunities will be delivered over the three years of the Turn the Tide program to build better connected professional networks for women. With such a diverse and geographically spread industry, opportunities to connect and grow all women across Australian seafood will be leveraged to create strong, resilient connections across the sector.

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